Developer: CRAIGEATSCRAYONS; Based in Melbourne, Australia.

Release Date: JULY (TBA), 2015 (iOS)


Price: USD 1.99

Availability: iTunes


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Dinofour is an exciting, retro-styled, puzzle platforming adventure!

Follow Dino and friends as they embark on an incredible journey to reclaim their lost eggs.

Play as four Dinosaur pals, each with their own unique special ability they must use to solve a series of challenging puzzles. Work together to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies and become reunited with your beloved lost eggs.


  • A retro platforming experience!
    Dinofour features beautiful pixel art and intuitive controls that make the task of reuniting the dinos with their eggs a joy.

  • Unique abilities!
    Each of the four dinos you'll meet have their own special talent that you need to use to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.

  • Explore vast worlds!
    With over 70 exciting levels spanning 3 unique worlds you will encounter many challenging puzzles and enemies you must overcome.

Company Bio


CRAIGEATSCRAYONS is a small, independent game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

Although small, our team has an unparalleled passion for making games. Our objective is to captivate and entertain through exciting, unique and innovative titles for PC and mobile devices.

Production began on our first iOS title 'Dinofour' early 2014 and have planned release for mid 2015.


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Craig Simmons – Design, Art, Programming

Cody Roxburgh – Programming

Joshua Cohen – Music

James Ede – Sound

Nikita Ogurtsov - Sound

Kevin Sankey - Sound